How does the custommer handling with shopping cart plugins work in a multisite installation?


currently I planning to use Woocommerce for multiple clients. What I want to do is to set up a multisite with multiple subsites, for each client one sub site.

But there is one thing that gives me a real headache! How do the customer accounts work? From what I am understand a registered customer becomes available for the complete network, what means a customer who registered with one email address to one shop can’t register to another shop on the same network? Is there a way to handle customer accounts for each sub site separately? Or do I have to set up an own installation for each client?

We must respect that the customer data is only available to the sub blog they registered for.

Is there another way to archive this? Or do I just have to accept the fact that the customer becomes part of the network? Is there a way to add the customer who is part of the network to the specific blog?

How does Marketpress handle this? (Unfortunately I can’t use Marketpress for Germany )

I really hope you can help me out here a little as I am, looking forward to build this system.
I couldn’t even sleep thinking about this problem the whole time…

I thank you for your time.
With kind regards from Berlin

  • PC

    Hello Patrick,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    So you are trying to create a network of subsites for your clients and they will have a site each you do not want user of one site to be a member of other site.

    Well, that is a bit tricky

    In multisite all the registration is done on the main network site.

    But the users are not automatically added to the subsites unless you have set it up using a plugin like :

    So by default, a user if registeres in only added to the main site and the subsite he initiated the registration from.

    Personally, I will suggest you that it will be a huge selling point for your network sites when you tell the clients that they will get a huge userbase if they signup for a site with you :wink:

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to mark this is "Not resolved" in case you have further questions and we would be back on it.


  • phofmann

    yes I’ve got that. If a new user registers with woocommerce he is actually related to the blog he signed up for, not or the main site. That’s a good thing. But when he signs up for another account on the same network but another site he gets an error like “email already in use” would be better if the system just checks

    ‘if (userexists AND !isrelatedtoblog) {give user role on sub blog} ELSE {give user account} ‘

    or something like this. But I think that’s a woocommerce problem. I will suggest that to the woocommerce team. Anyway, more ideas are welcome :wink: In Germany it is a problem is user data is shared between different sites so you are right it would be a great benefit (I thought of something like “part of the blacommerce network” but it’s really a legal issue here in Germany.
    Same thing wye I can’t use Marketpress in Germany…

    with kind regards

  • PC

    Hey everyone,

    MarketPress when running on Multisite, uses WordPress registration process and does not register accounts on a subsite.

    As I explained, if you do not want the data to be shared between sites, then Multisite is not a good thing to be used coz the registrations are done on a network level. Just like ebay or etsy, you just register an account on the network and checkout from any store on that network.

    With MarketPress when running network wide, the users will register on the network site and can buy products from any store.

    Cheers, PC

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there!

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    Kind Regards

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