How does the Domain Mapping plugin work..?

Howdy doodly,

While I research and ask hosts what services they can offer re, hdd space, data allowance and dedicated ip’s etc, I have been told a number of times that I will still need to park or add on the domain that is mapped.

“On a server level our server needs to know where to point a domain name once it hits our server.”

Can someone please explain why this is not needed to be done using the domain mapping plugin when using a dedicated IP, as I was asleep during that class and cant find/figure out the answer.

I know it works as the forums tell me so, but I cant just tell them “it just does” and don’t really want to move my site and find it doesn’t work cause I chose the wrong host.



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    Greetings D,

    Great Question!

    I cannot comment directly on the incompetency of hosts to understand how this works nor their reluctance to try it out themselves to see that it does in fact work. However, I can say that there are a million hosts out there and I am sure that there are some that have the knowledge of what this is all about and would be much more suited for hosting and trouble shooting these kinds of installs and the issues they may have.

    With that said, directly answering your question and the short of it is that the domain name comes to the dedicated IP (normally using an “A” record) that the WordPress installation resides on and WordPress combined with Domain Mapping resolves it the rest of the way.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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