how does the "is visible" option work ?

so basically i create a "level" and unchecked the "is visible" option.
i did not see it in the default ProSites pricing table (at least on the main site for super admin while testing) - no surprise.
so i can think of my own uses for such a feature but would love to hear "from the horse's mouth" (hehe so to speak) as to the intended use/s of this feature specifically in the plugin.

example :
- can i have my own separate pricing table for a customised "level" which i configure a website for someone manually with specific plugins etc. ?
but if so when and how will it apply specifically for billing/upgrades etc. ?
since it is hidden i will have to manually apply the level to a user and only then would they see that plan ?

please don't hold back in giving as much information as possible !!!
my assumption is if i do not fully understand its usage i may not have asked specific or relevant questions to obtain answers/information on this that would be very beneficial regardless.

thanks once again wpmudev !!!
u guys/gals ROCK !!!
keep up the great efforts.

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey there @amused

    How are you doing today :slight_smile:

    This option is pretty straight forward, level will simply not be visible on the front end so your users can't subscribe for it.

    However, the same hidden level will be fully functional meaning you can still use it but it will just be hidden on the front, it will work as sort of speak "private" level.

    You can find many different uses for it, the ones that comes to my mind would be if you want to have private level, lets say you want to grant/restrict certain capabilities to just specific sites. You can also use it for some sort of promotions, if you want to offer some special level for certain period of time and so on.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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