How does the New Members filter work?

Using BuddyPress Activity Plus plugin - Not sure how/what content should be showing up under New Members filter. Everything I try just results in No Activity Found. What activity should be included here?

  • Ash

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    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    BuddyPress Activity Plus plugin has nothing to do with New Members. This plugin allows user to use a rich media functionality. Sorting/filtering is BP core feature.

    If you filter with New Member that should show all the new member's activities, that he made some status updates, uploaded something etc. You can register a demo user and after that check if the new member filtering works for you.

    Please let me know.


  • Taye

    Added a demo member and still no results show when I filter with New Member. I have a feeling that it may be connected to a previous code change - Unactivated members were showing in members directory so my dev fiddled with code - which resulted in the BP Members Directory sort feature not working. To fix this, he asked me to update with this:

    Hi Taye,
    Sorry I have not had a chance to get back as this move is a big one because of the distance so it is taking up most of my time until I get settled. Anyway for the members sort go into the server wp-content/themes/avada/buddypress/members/members-loop.php and change this line:
    <?php if ( bp_has_members( bp_ajax_querystring( 'members' ) . '&type=active' ) ) : ?>

    to this:
    <?php if ( bp_has_members( bp_ajax_querystring( 'members' ) ) ) : ?>

    Keep in mind there is still a known bug in BP that allows non activated members to show up in the members directory when sorting. Take care!

    I have not updated his code recommendation - because I am not comfortable enough to do - waiting for him or someone else. Do you think the 2 issues are related?

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