How does the percent per sale through marketpress work?

on the video for MarketPress it says i can charge a percentage per sale from stores, how does that work out?

im not using MU, or buddypress, so can this be setup to where the sellers gets the payment from the user, and somehow in between i get a percent automatically?


  • DavidM
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    Hi mrmikeman,

    That can currently only be accomplished using Multisite. Multiple stores are handled by allowing users to create sub-sites on your network, and on those sub-sites, they’d have access to MarketPress, to create stores.

    To take a percentage of sales in this case requires the use of the PayPal Chained Payments Gateway that you have access to in Network Admin > Settings > MarketPress, when you’re using Multisite.

    You’ll find some great details on the setup process required to make that happen, in the following:

    Hope that helps!


  • Mark
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Is this immediately available under latest released plugins – or roadmapped for a future release? I understand that this feature WAS available; the configuration of the new plugin appears to be a little different, with only Paypal Express or Manual payment gateways as an option. (Yes, I played around with both Marketpress / eCommerce / Pro Sites). In other words, it seems like this functionality “…you can use it to start your own Etsy or Ebay style network of stores… where you take a % on each sale!!! …” is no longer possible with the new release candidate.

    Or, am I totally missing a clickstream somewhere? I am going totally crazy trying to find it.

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