How does the Q&A search feature work and can it be made more flexible?

I'm testing the search feature of the Q&A plugin and it seems a bit limited. I was wondering if it can be made more flexible and if so how?

For example, I've put in two test questions:

- Who’s better, Taio Cruz or Michael Jackson?
- What’s your favourite Taio Cruz song?

If I search for 'taio cruz' both questions come up, but if I search for 'who is taio cruz' neither come up. It seems to only return results if the exact words you've searched for are there. I'd prefer it if it allowed non-exact matches.

It also doesn't seem to use question categories (and possibly not tags either) as part of the search feature. Both my 'taio' questions are in the category 'music', but searching for 'music' returns no values.

Can anyone help?