How does this integrate with the Membership plugin?

How does this integrate with the membership plugin?

I am attempting to integrate with another "courseware" plugin. I am almost complete and have spent dozens of hours getting this together.

We have imported over 2,000 members from our previous site and are almost ready to launch.

Currently, the only functionality I need is the ability to have "members" in my site, which the Wordpress standard member functionality is perfect for, so I'm not looking to upgrade that, but I will if I need too.

So I have a courseware plugin that outputs the courses via a shortcode. 1 . I created a Custom Post Type called "Course Descriptions" which is where my client will put the course desc.,
2. then using a drop down meta box I created (which dynamically populates) the client selects the associated course
3. The dropdown then automatically generates the shortcode and outputs it at the end of the content area for the CPT.
4. The Pay Per View (PPV) plugin wraps itself around the shortcode, therefore protecting the actual access to the course until a payment is made.

Here is the issue.

I would like my clients customers to be able to use their Wordpress accounts to track + provide access to the courses via the Pay Per View plugin.

PPV has 3 options:

1 - One time view
2 - Daily Pass
3 - Recurring Subscription

What I need - I would be fine using "Daily Pass" and then setting the amount of days until expiration to "9999" - the client must update their courses every 365 days per the state of MI. So this is not the issue.

The actual issue is this:

When enabling "Daily Pass" in PPV - it tells me I must enable the API for either a Facebook or Twitter API...I do not want this. I simply would like the customers to be able to login with their Wordpress Accounts in order to make the purchase + keep track of the purchase...

So I saw in the Pay Per View description, it states, "Although, of course if you do need the extra functionality, this also integrates perfecting with our Membership and MarketPress plugins too."

I installed Membership, and I see no such integration...

What I am I missing here? I do not need Facebook and/or Twitter login, I simply would like to manage users by utilizing the built-in member functions that come with Wordpress, or by utilizing "Membership" plugin that is provided on WPMU.

Thank you!