how does your "reputation" system work?

I doubt I will ever reach 1000 points, but I am curious, is it one point per post? And how do you tell if someone has given points?

And are you using one of your plugins to do this? or is it custom
I would be interested in applying a similar system to my site which is why I am asking.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    It's really simple: you get 1 point for each post you make and then members can donate points to each other.

    When you donate points your own total will diminish. So if I were to give you 10 points, my total would reduce by 10.

    You can check your own points by clicking on "Member" under your name and then one "Reputation"

    It's a custom solution so no plugin I'm afraid but now that bbPress 2.0 is out you might well see more plugins from us...


Thank NAME, for their help.

Let NAME know exactly why they deserved these points.

Gift a custom amount of points.