How I can increase the homepage logo little bit ?

Hi, I think the logo is little bit small and I want it bigger , but not too much affect the menu column . Is it available? Thanks.

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    Hi Easy

    Hope you are doing good today.

    I made quick investigation in your site source and made some tests.

    Below css I provide with additional comments should point you to the right direction.

    You can just copy that css and paste in your theme css section or before you paste it you can also modify and customize:

    /*---normal header view---*/

    /*logo box margin from top, it is good to move it a little bit
    from top if img and font size will be bigger */
    .main-header .container-fluid .logo-box {margin-top:5px;}

    /*height of logo img, by default it was 50px*/
    .main-header .container-fluid .logo-box a img {height:70px;}

    /*font-size for 1 line in header*/
    .main-header .container-fluid .logo-box .name-box a h1 {font-size:28px;}

    /*font-size for 2 line in header*/
    .main-header .container-fluid .logo-box .name-box span {font-size:18px;}

    /*---sticky header view, when page is scroll, values as above,
    if you change any value above remember to change it also
    here, thanks to that when you scroll page the headers
    elements will not jump---*/
    .fxd-header .container-fluid .logo-box {margin-top:5px;}
    .fxd-header .container-fluid .logo-box a img {height:70px;}
    .fxd-header .container-fluid .logo-box .name-box a h1 {font-size:28px;}
    .fxd-header .container-fluid .logo-box .name-box span {font-size:18px;}

    /*---if we change the above logo size it is good to have right menu still in vertical center
    you need to adjust this value here if you make the logo bigger than I provide here---*/
    #menu-main {margin-top:10px;}

    /*media queries for tablets and mobiles devices,
    It will make logo smaller, which is good for view
    320 and right menu will still fit in right area on tablets*/
    @media all and (min-width:320px) and (max-width:1020px) {
    .main-header .container-fluid .logo-box a img {height:40px;}
    .main-header .container-fluid .logo-box .name-box a h1 {font-size:14px;}
    .main-header .container-fluid .logo-box .name-box span {font-size:12px;}

    /*reset for tablets to still have menu vertical center */
    #menu-main {margin-top:0;}

    Hope this help and guide you to right direction :slight_smile:

    If for some reason your theme does now allow to add custom css please check this plugin:

    It allows to add any custom css to site.

    Kind Regards,


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