How I use this directory plugin in my existing custom theme

Hi There,

I am a bit annoyed because after buying and installing this directory plugin I figured out that I need to change the theme. This was not mentioned from your site on the description page! If I would knew that I would have spent 35 Dollars.

So is there a way to integrate this pluging to my existing page

Kind regards

  • DavidM
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    Hi Julia and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    The plugin is best used with the built in theme but it is possible to get it work with other themes with a bit of work with the theme files. If you're not comfortable with working with theme files as such, perhaps you'd consider posting a request via the job board.

    If you are comfortable working with theme files, you could take a look at the theme files within the Directory plugin folder and see how everything's done there.

    There are two files in directory\themes\default\includes\functions that you could include in your own theme to get the bulk of functionality:

    Also, Directory includes an integrated version of CustomPress and following the instructions for CustomPress regarding theme integration, you could get a good idea for further customization:

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