how is events plugin really working?

I tried setting up the events pages in Multisite and multilingual with WPML.

If I create a page “events” and add the shortcode for calendar it does not show when the slug in settings is also /events…

When I change the slug the custom page shows up. But I can’t get the prev/next to work. Short code instructions are poor and don’t give me a clou on how the setup works best. The attributes don’t mention prev/next buttons.

Is there a complete guide on setup the Events+ plugin?

  • mort3n
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi temmes,

    Documentation for the plugin is found on the plugin page:

    by clicking on the ‘Usage’ tab.

    I guess the slug in the settings you’re referring to is at the top of the settings page. If this is the case, then the label for that input field states that it is the slug for the archive that you specify there.

    Using the same slug for both the archive and the calendar would cause problems I imagine. This could well be what you experience.

    Solution, as you have found is to create a calendar page, put the calendar shortcode in it and use that page.

    Does Prev / Next show? If so, then how are they shown? Inactive links perhaps? Please provide details



  • aristath
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    The original poster of this issue is no longer an active member on these forums.

    I am marking this issue as resolved.

    If however at some time the member becomes active again and the issue still exists, don’t hesitate to reopen it and post an update on your current status.



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