How is the database organized when using Multi-Domains

Am wondering, how is the database organized in an Multi-Domain environment? To clarify this question further, my scenario:

500 individual subdomains on a multisite installation
each subdomain includes approx 6500 images plus on average 10 - 15 plugins.
each subdomain owner creates high traffic

What about PHP 7? Does Multi-Domains have any issue with php 7 and higher?
What about WordPress User Sync?
What about Domain Mapping?
What about Membership 2 Pro?

Please help how to plan/organize such large network.
Thank you in advance.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Steven,

    Hope you had a nice weekend :slight_smile:

    I'm not sure that I understand your question, Multi-Domains plugin doesn't make any changes to your database structure, could you add some more info about your question?

    What about PHP 7? Does Multi-Domains have any issue with phph 7 and higher?

    It's not fully tested with PHP 7 but we didn't have any reports of it causing any issues so it should be working fine.
    If something does pop up we'll gladly help out :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Steven Zimmerman

    Hi Predrag,

    appreciate much your quick response. My current installation: run multisite / multi-db hosting on dedicated server which works fine up to php 5.6. Now it turned out, multi-db does not work with php 7 (access to mysql deprecated) but the eCommerce solution I work with needs php 7. This force me to find shortly an alternative which last.

    But a multisite installation uses just one single database which will cause bottlenecks also problems regards quantity of data it holds. Therefore I need to have multi-databases.

    I am not familiar with planning an alternative network. So I am wondering which situation do I have to expect considering to install one large network and using plugins like Multi-Domains - Domain Mapping - User Synch across entire network - also would membership pro operate across entire network? How about 'network superadmin'? Will he be able to manage all modules from one place?

    Hope this scenario helps. Sorry am not an IT expert.
    Thanks once again upfront.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Steven,

    Ok, so you were actually referring to Multi-DB in your previous comment, we didn't test Multi-DB with PHP 7 as the plugin is decommissioned and no longer supported.

    Multi-DB was mostly used to reduce load on servers, but with newer servers there basically no need for multiple databases anymore as they are capable of managing much more than in past.

    Domain Mapping and Multiple Domains should work fine with Multi-DB, however User Sync plugin is not compatible with Multisite installation, it supposed to be used on two separate single installations.

    Membership plugin can be used for network wide protection and you can read more about that on plugin usage page:

    Best regards,

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