How large of a backup can this plugin backup ?

I have a 40mb database and a very large file directory.

What are the limits of this ?

  • Paul


    What are the limits of this ?

    That is sort of an open ended question. Technically, there is no limit to the size Snapshot can create from your site. The limitations will be to your hosting diskspace and memory available.

    A 40Mb database is not very large. Snapshot allows you to setup a segment size for the database tables. What this means is instead of querying all rows for a give table which could effect your site front-end Snapshot will query segments. For example row 1-5000, then rows 5001-10000, etc. until the table is complete. This is needed for very large sites which may have close to million rows in wp_options and/or wp_postmeta, etc.

    The concern is going to be the file directories. To save overheard snapshot attempts to bulk backup the files by section. So for example all the theme on one step all the plugin in another step. Then for the upload files is tries to bulk backup the upload directory by year. The reason for this is due to how the zip archives are handled by the UNIX system. Every time a zip archive is re-opened and added to the system has to copy the temp archive into place. So snapshot tried to minimize the number of times the archive is re-opened.

    If you have many large files like videos you might want to try excluding these from being included by snapshot. You can do this via Snapshots > Settings look for the global exclusions section. This would also include needing to exclude cache directories and other backup tools. For example we have many members who have used BackupBuddy in the past. You want to exclude the BB backup archive folders so they are not also included in Snapshot archives. You don't want backups of backups.

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