how long can i expect to wait for my problem to be resolved

I was reprimanded by Vinad for duplicating a post, but Patrick is not replying to me. So my new question is how long can i expect to wait to get a reply... so far over 30 hours... and a supplementary question is ... does anyone else in support monitor if support questions are being replied to in a timely manner.

  • Vaughan

    Hi George,

    Hope you're well?

    We do monitor, however, the last few weeks we have been extremely busy and thus we have dealt with more threads than usual. All threads go into a queue and the system feeds us threads in order of oldest to newest. Everytime you respond in a thread it pushes the post to the back of the queue again, so you should avoid un-necessary posting if possible.

    Patrick is off ill currently which is probably why he hasn't responded today.

    I'll respond on that thread shortly with a suggestion.

    With regards to your other thread.

    Our response times, should ideally be under 1hr when we're not busy for the first response, however if we are able, we aim to respond as quickly as possible for follow ups, but on average this can extend to over a day or more, it depends on how busy we have been and how complex the other threads we deal with are, some threads we deal with take longer to solve as they can be quite technical and complex.

    We have just set more staff on, so hopefully things may get better once they are up to speed.

    Hope this helps

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