How long do Coupon Code discounts last in Membership?

Ok, so before we had membership program, to raise some funds we set up a WePay account. We want to offer some of our contributors a discount, depending on how much they contributed.

For 1 year memberships (we have this set up), we want to give them 100% off for their first year, then they have to renew after that first year. For 3 year memberships (yet to be set up) we want to give them lifetime memberships with no renewal.

Is the one year free, then pay to renew possible? If so, how?

Is the lifetime free, no renewal fee, possible? If so, how?


  • PC

    Hey there,

    Thanks for your post.

    The coupons do not have a validity, it depends on what you have created the coupon for. The only validity controlled by the coupons is for how long they are valid to be used.

    If you want a year free and then renew, then you can create a Subscription plan which is Serial subscription for 1 year and create a 100% coupon for that subscription plan and get that sorted.

    If you want a lifetime free, just create indefinite subscription and a 100% free coupon :slight_smile:

    Does that help ?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, PC

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