How long (estimated) should each Academy course take?

I have some employees that I'm requiring to go through Academy courses but I'm not sure how long should it take them to complete these courses. Can I get some estimations on time necessary to complete each of currently available courses, please?

  • Michelle

    Hello, Mario.

    Hope you are well? Our courses are evergreen now. Which means that the student does it at there own pace. The time it takes to complete the course will depend on the student of course and their skill level. Most of our courses are between 5 and 8 units so it should not take more than a week or two depending on how many units there are. But I must caution you here. When they do rush through each unit the chances are that they might not cement their new knowledge enough. This, of course, would defeat the purpose of our Academy. Our Academy was established to train members who take the courses to become the best front- and backend developers they can be. However, if they do our courses they can always just do a refresher or go over a unit if they missed something.

    Hope this answers your question.



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