How long should it take for subdomains to load

Hello – I’ve just set up a new Multisite install, but the subdomains aren’t loading. I have added a wildcard subdomain in cPanel. The main site loads fine (for several hours now). How long should it take for subdomains to load?

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    thanks for posting.

    you need to follow this guide here to create a network

    are you using a subdomain method or sub-folder.

    if using sub-domain you need to make sure you have setup a wildcard subdomain in your servers CPanel

    just create a new subdomain


    the * means wildcard

    then make sure it points at your sites public_html folder

    it could take upto 72hrs before those changes take effect, until it propogates, you will get server not found messages. so if you have completed the steps above correctly, it maybe just a matter of waiting.

    to test whether the wildcard domain is working or not. just visit if you end up on your main site, then it’s working. if not then it probably hasn’t propogated yet.

    hope this helps.


    Swapnil V. Patil

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