How long will prosite continue to support whmcs

Since the WHMCS provisioning plugin is no longer supported. How long will Pro Sites continue to support the whmcs provisioning integration? If the WHMCS support is going to be removed in the future, is it possible to know before it is removed. This way we can find an alternative. Or, can the whmcs integration be released as an plugin for pro-sites so we can maintain it ourselves and still use pro-sites.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Bryant,

    Hope you're well?

    That's a very good question, I will need to actually get confirmation/clarification on that for you.

    I would think the WHMCS plugin itself will have compatibility issues with WP & WHMCS updates long before the WHMCS integration needs updating in Pro-Sites.

    But I will make this a feature request for Pro-Sites, maybe see if we can possibly make this a plugin or an addon to integrate with one of the other WHMCS plugins such as WHMPress or WHMCS-Bridge plugins.

    Hope this helps

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Bryant,

    hope you're doing good and don't mind chiming in! :slight_smile:

    I already moved that thread to Features & Feedback section for further consideration.

    How would we move the payment management of our payments from Whmcs to prosites?

    Using ProSites, you can get paid with PayPal Express, Stripe as well as manual payments.

    Warm regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Bryant!

    I wouldn't expect WHMCS integration removed from Pro Sites anytime soon and as my colleague Vaughan suggested - most likely WHMCS plugin compatibility with WHMCS would break rather than this. However, the way the integration works doesn't let you "move" payments. There's a different set of features supported by both tools (Pro Sites and WHMCS) and it wouldn't be possible to "reflect" WHMCS-supported features in Pro Sites. Unless the community would develop WHMCS plugin, I'm afraid handling customer accounts/billings would have to be separated. I mean that you would then need to use WHMCS to bill things like hosting and/or domains and Pro Sites for billing websites.

    Kind regards,

  • Bryant

    I wouldn't expect WHMCS integration removed from Pro Sites anytime soon and as my colleague Vaughan suggested - most likely WHMCS plugin compatibility with WHMCS would break rather than this.

    I understand that and we are fine maintaining the whmcs plugin on our own ( note: thank you for making it public on github).

    We are trying to plan for the future what we are trying to get a clear answer on is that once you guys drop support for the whmcs plugin from pro-sites even if it is a month from now, a year, etc; for the sites we already have provisioned with the whmcs provisioning plugin that is managing billing for the sites we already have created are we "in short" stuck?

    Or is there a way to move billing to pro-sites for the sites already managed by whmcs?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Bryant!

    I see two possible scenarios here:

    1. Keeping things "as they are" while making sure "on your own" that WHMCS plugin is working well with WHMCS

    2. "Splitting" billing so WHMCS (I don't mean plugin here but the script/platform) would handle hosting/domain issues and Pro Sites would handle "website" billing; that would however mean also

    - making users to "re-subscribe" somehow
    - actually quitting on any integration

    The 1st scenario seems to be better, in my opinion and yes, you are fully entitled to maintain/develop WHMCS plugin that we put on github on your own. You may either contribute to it on github or just "grab it" and take care of it just for you in a close environment.

    This raises the question that you already asked about how long the integration with Pro Sites would be possible so let me please make sure about it and just ask developers about that. I think that if there's no plans to remove that integration, the 1st scenario would be the safe one.

    Please keep an eye on that topic and I'll let you know once I only get to know anything "solid" on this.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Bryant!

    I got a confirmation from the developer that the integration will not be removed from Pro Sites anytime soon. Actually, it's not planned to be removed at all but in case that would ever going to happen in future, we will be notified about that upfront so we could let you know. There's no such plans though.

    Therefore, as long as the WHMCS plugin is either maintained by the community or you are able to maintain it for you, it will work with Pro Sites the same way it did and there'll be no need for any kind of "migration".

    Best regards,

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