How many files should there be in the child


just downloaded the latest version and expanded it, but before I FTP's it up I checked the contents of the child folder, they are:

_inc (folder)

I looked in:

business portfolio\business-portfolio\themes\business-portfolio-child

to check this, please let me know if there should be more files



  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    That is correct.

    Remember you have to upload the parent theme as well, but you only have to activate the child theme...
    A child theme at min needs to have a style.css file.
    with this in the header between the /* */
    The most important line is this:
    Template: business-portfolio
    The above template identifies the parent theme and uses the parent themes code/images etc.

    the screenshot helps identify it via appearance menu (bonus).
    the inc folder will be the extra files - images/css from the stylesheet.

    You will notice the functions-example.php
    This you could rename functions.php and drop into the child theme next to the style.css. This will allow you to add extra custom code at a later stage.

    Some installation links:

  • ozbod
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Phil,

    yes I did try to go back and delete the other thread but after Jonathon had replied but couldn't see how to do it, however, the other thread did relate to that theme and not the one on this forum. This was because I saw the same files in each child theme.

    Anyway to answer your question:

    I first uploaded everything in "business portfolio" then uploaded everything in "business portfolio\business-portfolio\themes" then I would have activated the child theme in appearance > theme but didn't at the time because I felt there were too few files in the child folder as mentioned above.

    I came to this conclusion by compareing the conents of the Framemarket child theme "Gridmarket" which has a shed load of files in it.

    Looks like I was wrong bacuse after a comlete reinstall of wordpress ecerything is fine now.



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