How Many Owners Can A Community Have

1. Is it possible to have more than one 'owner' of a single community using the WPMU plugin Communities?

2. I'm currently a "member" of a single community on our site; but when I click "manage communities", I'm not listed as a "member" and can't set myself as a "moderator" for the community. It is a "public" community. Please explain what the problem is.

Thank you for a very prompt response to the above questions as time is of the essence.

Linda S. Fitzgerald

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Linda!

    1. At this time, there can be only one owner for a community created with Commuities. Other users can serve as moderator, but there will be only one owner.
    2. Are you logged in as an administrator when you're trying to assign roles? Did you create the group? (That would make you the owner, which would override being listed as a member.) Would you mind snapping a screenshot of your members list for the group in question so I can take a closer look?

    Thanks, Linda!

  • linda_fitzgerald

    Reference #2 above:
    a. No, I am not the "owner". The owner of the community is Jennifer Sakowski. Please note that in one scenario in the file below, Jennifer Sakowski is listed as a "member" not the "owner".
    b. I'm logged into the site as a super-admin for the network. I then go to Neighborhood Boutiques site where I find "Communities" on the dashboard.
    c. Unable to do a screen shot, so what I find is pasted below:
    When I CLICK on “COMMUNITIES” in dashboard
    Jennifer Sakowski Owner Visit Blog
    linda Member Visit Blog
    Monica Member Visit Blog

    When CLICK on “MANAGE COMMUNITIES” in dashboard
    University Community
    Description: A place to connect, engage and grow with other Boutique Owner's
    Private*: No
    Members (2) (lists Jennifer Sakowski as a "member" and Monica as a "member"- see below)
    Actions: Message Board Wiki News Manage News Edit Remove
    *Users must enter the code to join private communities.

    University Community » Members
    Name Avatar Type Actions
    Jennifer Sakowski Member Visit Blog Add Moderator Privelege
    Monica Member Visit Blog Add Moderator Privelege
    Jennifer Sakowski is actually the “owner”

    Sorry I can't do a screen shot but hopefully the above helps you determine the problem.

    Thanks much for your prompt response

    Linda S. Fitzgerald

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