How many parked domains in cPanel?

Hi all,

I was wondering if I am likely to run into any issues if I keep adding all my parked domins in the one cPanel account?

eg. I have WPMU installed on cpanel and have it setup using the wildcard subdomain instructions form this site which gives me form here I just park the domain I want to use for the site in cpanel its its good to go.

Is this method ok or is there a better way to do it?

PS. I also have a WHM account which is what I was using before I installed MU.



  • Timothy
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    WHM is the backend to cPanel and is for managing multiple cPanel accounts (for both root and reseller). So I’m not sure what you mean by you used it before you started using MU?

    It should be fine to keep parking your domains however I prefer a different way.

    I tend to have all mine and my clients domains using a cName. I prefer not to have them use IP address because if you ever move the server to another location or if you move web host you have to rely on the client to update their own DNS whereas if it all forwards into a central domain or name server it becomes easier to manager.

    If they are all your domains though then there should be a problem with parking them on top, we use to and there wasn’t an issue for us. :slight_smile:

    I suppose if you got into load balancing and such you might want to reconsider at that point (where your site might use multiple ips) Don’t quote me though, you would most likely want to seek advice from a sys admin on that. :slight_smile:

  • AFX
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    Hi Tim, thanks for your advice.

    I mentioned that I have access WHM incase there was a better way to set things up from there rather than cpanel.

    I have developed a product that I just duplicate for each customer only changing their content for each one but I register the domains which are setup to automatically point to my WHM account. The reason I want to use multisite is so that I can just click ‘add site’ which pretty much does most of the work for me instead of what I was doing and setting up a new cpanle account each time and then installing WP and plugins etc all over again.

    Basically I just want to know whats the most scaleable method of setting things up as I dont want to have to look at it again down the track.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    The issues with using parked domains on one cPanel account is when your clients want email or want to edit the MX records because obviously you wouldn’t want to give them access to your one main cPanel, you can of course change the DNS/MX records for them but this creates more over head (time).

    We use to give our clients their own cPanel for access to email and stuff. But using the same server for this can become tricky because then you have edit the DNS to point to a specific ip address. If you then move server you could end up creating more work for yourself depending on how many other sites you run separate on that server because obviously for domain mapping it has to point to your MU install but if you had say 4 ips and you didn’t dedicate any of them to the MU install the traffic could end up in a different directory on the server. (httpd.conf)

    We are also a domain name reseller and as such for clients we now have the domain use a cname so it isn’t actually parked on our MU servers, this gives them full access over their domain name.

    I suppose it depends on what you want to offer the client.

    Do your clients know this is the set up? I only ask because of the whole eggs in one basket saying. Our users know they form part of our network and as such do not have ftp access or other usual hosting features. If they want all the extras then we sell them a separate cPanel hosting package unrelated to the MU install.

    A good few clients love Google Mail now, and so providing them mail on our server isn’t required. Saves our resources as well.

  • AFX
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    The sites that I’m selling don’t require cpanel access, email accounts or ftp or even much space, there’s just a lot of them.

    Once the customer has signed up for our service we create a template for them and then just duplicate the same template for each site they buy after that. So one customer might have 20 individual sites where as another might have 200 which is why I am keen to setup multisite to cut down on time and money setting up a new cpanel account every time just to install WP.

    Thanks again Tim.

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