How many plugins do you use on your site?

I'm suddenly curious how many plugins people are using to run their wordpress or buddypress or multisite.

It looks like I have 39 network activated and another 16 on the main site using buddypress/multisite.

I have another 20 deactivated plugins. About 8 I activate temporarily when needed, 4 I want to use but they are lacking a feature or stablility but I want to know when they get updated, and the rest I am considering or planning to use soon.

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    Hey there,

    Well, it really depends on what you are looking for.

    If I just need a blog with no features, I need no plugin
    If I just need a blog with a social network, I need BuddyPress
    If I need facebook login, then I will add Ultimate Facebook
    If I need more then I will add more according to what I need on my website.

    So a few are using just a few plugins and others might have over 100 plugins on the sites.

    However the main question you should ask yourself, "Do I really need this plugin ?" and if the answer is yes, then use it !

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    Hi all,

    I advocate on my side, to have a minimum of installed plugins. At most, I sometimes have thirty plugins activated (but I do not like it, I think it's too much ...). Ten or twenty should be enough ...

    There are several reasons for my position:

    - The sites become heavy (to load and manage);
    - The risk of conflict between plugins increases (not to mention the theme);
    - The security risks associated with plugins are also increasing;
    - It is more difficult to keep up to date (even with InfiniteWP), you spend your time to take care to make the upgrades (hoping that it will not break the functionality ...).

    It was my 2 cents!
    Have a great sunday!


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