How many WPMU installations can you have on the one host?

I have several blogs I am working on. I want to keep them in batches. Eg. music & cooking together. Gardening and environment together.

I have a couple of charities I want to support - my host allows me to have unlimited top level domains. Do I do a fresh installation of WPMU for each group, or just the one? One charity has completely different needs to other blogs I am have.

I am fine with single installations - this WPMU I am still a newbie at ... but learning.


  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    You could have as many as you like really, although I'd be willing to bet that in a shared environment even if they pretend you get unlimited bandwidth and space that they will kick you off their service or at minimum suspend you after a while with the excuse you are using to many server resources.

    Its very common with cheap shared hosts. Some are better than others with this.

    Anyway, if it were me... I'd like to include them all within one MS install, its easier to manage and maintain. Or are they clients wanting their own multisite install, if so then its best to develop for their needs.

    We do offer Multi Domains which allows you to run multiple networks off one install, buts it not really for multiple separate network admins. i.e. its really for one network owner.

    I think really you need to plan what you want, how you wish to grow and wether all sites could site under one install or not.

    Look at, they host millions of websites from one install. They host many different types of websites as well, charity, code, hobby, travel, etc, etc.

    You might also find my post here helpful when planning ahead:

    I hope this helps.

    Take care.

  • GNM
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    Okay - what is a sandbox? How do you set one up? Is it a sub-domain?

    Sorry to sound like a nufty here - I am a plugin addict :slight_frown: I have a stack installed and have to cull more than a few ... but they all have a purpose!

    I hate it when i see a new one on WPMU - 'cause I will want it!


  • 3SixtyEvolve
    • New Recruit

    A sandbox is basically a test environment that you create for yourself, to test plugins and themes in an environment that wouldn't mess up your active sites. If you have an environment like this you can add as many plugins as you like :slight_smile: So you won't have to feel bad every time we launch a new one :slight_smile:

    I will resolve this thread as we will be covering this in our email correspondence as well.

    Thank you for assisting Judie. We're moving a few of her threads (including this one) to email conversation so we can assist her to get her WordPress Multisite setup sorted. I will keep you in the loop on development. :slight_smile:

    Have a good day!


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