How much "Firepower" does my Managed vServer need? Please Help!

Dear Friends,

I have a few questions about wordpress hosting. I am a freelancer and I am hosting websites for my clients.

So far I have 20 Client websites that I am hosting for my clients.

Here are some facts about the websites I am hosting for Small and Medium sized Companies:

– 15-20 Client Websites

No Online Shops, Mainly simple content Pages based on Premium Themes

– Bakery Visual Composer, Caching Plugin Avrg 15 Plugins per Site

– Average of 30-100 Unique Visitors for each Site per day

I have been using a reseller shared hosting package where the server specifications are not public. The sites are just hosted and it works, somehow. I assume that resources get allocated according to requirements. It is also a shared IP – which is why i am switching to a managed vserver hosting where I have more control and hopefully faster speeds.

The Server that I have purchased:

Managed vServer with the following resources:

KVM Virtualization

Intel® Xeon® E5-2680V4


2 Cores



Running on a reverse Proxy Nginx / Apache Setup

Plesk 12.5

No Root Access but SSH access is availible

My Questions:

Is the hardware enought to handle the Websites that I am hosting?

What is the limit for how many sites of this kind I can host on the server given 100 Visitors a day with the site specifications mentioned above?

How can I measure / find out if my server is doing fine with the load (CPU Monitoring, RAM Usage?)

Will I be better of having my own managed Vserver (Performance Wise) compared to the Mass hosting managed arrangement I had so far?

Thanks so much for your input!