How much would you charge? (help me build a quote)

I've got a line of a website building job for a potential client overseas. I've already got a good reputation with that client for quality work and the relationship I have with them. They want a new website and I've stepped forward to build it for them. I've done a number of websites for smaller clients with smaller needs and this will be my first big job. I've got to make a bid on how much to charge them.

WMPU DEV members and staff, what would you charge?

These are the specs they want for the site:

Their biggest concerns are reliability and stability of the site,along with flexibility to be able to conduct business on the web. Also, selling to several countries, so translation of text is needed althought commerce will be conducted in US dollars only. I am aware of the need to provide SEO ... along with integrating their marketing through social media with the website.

Some of the features I know they are looking for is a search feature on the site, a subscription (ie, membership) feature, shopping cart that allows shopper to see what is in the cart as they go through the shopping experience, ability to go back to leave and go back to the cart if necessary to complete the sale, custom graphics of course, a template for a newsletter or blog feature...and more. They would have about 300 products to sell.

All of those things are easy to me to put together. A combination of MarketPress, Gravity Forms, Relevanssi, WPML, SEO solution and some more simple things would build this site. After reading that list, I could instantly see the infrastructure of the site in my head. The biggest hurdle is the management, navigation and browsing of the 300 products. That's going to be a very time-consuming setup - I couldn't even begin to figure the number of hours needed to ensure the integrity of every product listing (while bulk import works well, adding featured images is a manual process). Designing a navigable scheme to allow 300 products to be browsable by a visitor is going to be work.

Anyhow, what kind of quote would you give. All the sites I've done in the past have taken me between 10-20 hours to build, but they were small. This is larger in scope (largely because of the translations needed and the number of products). I might need a month or two to complete it, but what is that worth in terms of money?

What would you charge for site of that nature?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Well I think you need to work out how long it will take you to develop and deploy, then work out what you would ideally want to earn for that time. Prices will vary depending on the country you are located as well. The UK can be rather expensive.

    Then plus on 10% to 20% for your quote, this is to account for the unaccountable... Well you can't always account for that of course but it gives you a safety net. If it takes you less then you can either pocket the extra or make them even happier and charge them less informing them that the job was done quicker than the quote anticipated.

    As an estimate you could put in for both months.

    As for what other companies charge, well I've seen people charge silly prices like $200 and I've seen some charge thousands. But what you get for $200, well I'm sure you've seen around the net. lol

    You have a trust relationship with them, so your relationship should naturally be worth more than someone who charges 2 thirds the price.

    I couldn't tell you what I would charge, when I took on projects I would sit and speak with the client (or over the phone) to understand everything and then build out a proposal and estimate.

    Sorry that isn't a direct answer but I hope it helps.

    Take care

  • Saunt Valerian

    That's interesting feedback and certainly very helpful even though not direct. I'm still looking for feedback from others too.

    Another question to add here - how long a period of support after the build-out is appropriate to include in the initial quote? 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? In other words I say, "You pay me $xxxx dollars and I'll build out your site to spec and give support for three months for any request provided each individual request takes less than one hour of labor. Extra fees will apply for more significant requests. Longer term support is available for a retainer fee." Is that appropriate?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Ya I agree it's not direct but ultimately it's about how you price and value your time.

    One company that contracted me for some work last year would pretty much double or triple what I quoted. I did some PSD to WordPress conversions for them, a guy who worked there which I often chat with shared their quotes with me.

    As for on going support, again this is how you wish to value what you offer. I can't speak for all companies but I know some will say that once the company signs off on the work then any further support is billable per hour.

    One chap from the UK who contacted us was offering his services at £85 per hour.

    You could offer an hourly rate, then give them the option of a retainer which they pay monthly. This gives them a hugely reduced hourly rate when they do need you.

    I'm looking forward to hearing how others do this as well.

    Take care.

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