how publishing somes posts on alls sites in the same time?

beginner with WPMUDEV (& english 2 héhé :wink:

We build a network with 30 (childs?)sites, and we would like to, from the major-site:

- post/publish on many sites in one time (massiv action)
-change somes themes in the sames conditions

Is it possible?

Thanks & cheers


  • Tom Eagles


    Hey there, whilst not being able to do it automatically from the main site there are a few ways you can do something similar.

    Using our autoblog plugin you could create feeds pointing at your main site and then import them into your subsites automatically.

    or you could use this one which shows all posts across the network on all sites.

    Out of the two the autoblog plugin would be the best solution for you as it would import the posts directly into the subsites.

    Regarding themes do you mean edit the themes and apply the changes across the network? this isnt possible in bulk. what changes were you thinking about trying to do in bulk?


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