How remove all the splog blogs

Hi, is there a way (another plugin is ok too) to delete the blogs (and users) set as spam (maybe before X months)?
We've a lot of blogs set as spam, and cleaning them would be good for the db and the performances

  • Huemac
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    i haven't found it :slight_frown:
    is there also a way to launch anti splog on all the blogs? it has been disabled for a while and there are so many blogs and users to remove manually (it would take too much time)

  • drmike
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    Here it is:

    WPMU power tools should do it for you. The external plugin is very old and I doubt will work any more.

    is there also a way to launch anti splog on all the blogs?

    We've been asked not to offer support for that as the server hasn't been stress tested for that yet. Andrew and Aaron said it's coming though some time in the future.

    I believe the blogs should be checked as they get traffic though. We use a different solution so not sure.

  • drmike
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    So did you give it a shot yet?

    Gotta admit that I;m against deleting splogs. 1) You could always be wrong and have to reestablish the blog to the original admin and 2) unless you have millions of them, it;s really not taking up resources.

    I actually used to suggest to folks that they use blogs marked as splogs as a benefit. You've got spammers linking to them. Why not modify the "This blog has been deleted" error page and throw in links to your install, help pages and what not. Get SEO benefit from that. The developers changed the code though to make those error pages be non indexable though now so it's probably moot.

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