how set up a 'supporters only blog' on wpmu site

quick question.... may not be a quick answer...

currently operating a wpmu site with the supporters plugin

I wish to setup a blog on the site that only paying supporters have access to

1. the blog is to be visible to the general public - registered or not
2. only the pages can be viewed by general public
3. blog categories and listings (excerpts / featured images) viewed by general public
4. but only paying supporters can view the blog posts. without passwording posts etc

a. is this possible without hacks?
b. can this be done with only plugins? if so a pointer in the right direction would be greatly appreciated


  • DavidM

    Hello Steve,

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I want to be sure I've understood what your trying to achieve so I'd like to first ask if you're aware that Supporter is a blog-based attribute rather than a user-based one? In other words, you wouldn't have a user who is a Supporter, but you would have a blog that is a Supporter blog.

    So on that note, are you looking for a way to find out if a user is the site admin behind a Supporter blog?


  • scoobs

    hi, thanks for the replies

    both have provided a little more thought in what I'm trying to achieve. With a better understanding that the Supporter plugin is a blog attribute which now makes sense and the possibility of using the function (is_supporter) which may be a little more complex than expected - assuming (is_supporter) is blog related not user related..

    but will look into further details in the install.txt as mention

    my thinking now....
    create a method / process when the supporter payment is confirmed. the database/tables driving the "supporter only pages" is updated with the paying user details to provide authentication to the pages -
    eg - every user that is an admin of a supporter blog has automatic access to the respected pages

    or in simple terms, I guess the answer is yes to the original question,are you looking for a way to find out if a user is the site admin behind a Supporter blog?

    and I'm happy to have save 100 trees as I don't use pen and paper to 'brain storm' anymore...

    thanks, many

  • DavidM

    In reading your initial post, my thought was that it would be great to have a sort of hybrid of Supporter and the Membership plugin, which in case you're not aware of, is available at the following.

    But then, Supporter is actually in heavy development right now and it really is getting close to a release from what we've heard around here. It may very well cover what you're trying to do.

    But then, Membership can be set to use a global table so that membership levels/rules persist from site to site on your network. You can use those rules to hide any particular page or post on the front-end or admin menu in the back-end. It might work best for your particular case. I'm not sure.


  • scoobs

    hmmm, I did have my eye on the membership plugin some time back, but for some reason I have never installed it

    strange - Hang on.......I'm off to try it, and see what comes.

    is it possible that this plugin has had some major developments in the recent past. and as a non-user of this plugin didn't keep up with it?

    anyhow just reading the features it looks promising


  • DavidM

    Given the number of plugins available here it can be difficult to keep up with all of them and at times there may be a plugin that's tremendously useful to you but you just don't know about it. It's one of the nice things about posting to the forums, in that you might have plugins pointed out that you either didn't know about the existence of or didn't realize was so heavily updated.

    I'd just like to add that you'll find the latest Membership beta version at the following. Technically, it is a beta, but it's a feature-incomplete beta with a few bug fixes over the release version.


  • scoobs

    Yeah, I'm really starting to see the advantages of WPME DEV membership. I'm not one for posting too much - usually like to spend a bit of time searching first, But even this first post string has proven that its worth it.

    Quick play with membership plugin - findings - It has the functionality I require in fact has the ability to fulfill my exact requirements (of some I didn't query about), but notice it doesn't like some of the other plugins I'm using (about 50+ at the moment) using this plugin on the main site interferes with the other plugins that also produces a registration page, including the supporter plugin.

    But a quick play, It works fine by creating a new wpmu site and activating the membership plugin only on the new blog - user just need to 'register' with the new blog to obtain access to the restricted areas. which solves the original issue at a workable level.

    quick change in strategy provides the solution -
    I had intended that the functionality of the membership plugin be accessed by paying supporters (admin) on a separate blog - what I didn;t mentioned (at the time i though it wasn't needed) was my plans are to provide certain customers of mine "free supporter accounts" - after my customers had registered on the network I was going to manually upgrade their blogs to supporter status while leaving general public paid access - which included automatic access to a "supporter only" area / blog.

    playing with membership plugin I can create this result without my interaction - no work.
    by setting up a free membership level and applying the "invite code"
    All I now need to do is print a "membership businesscard" with the invite code for the protected access area - and hand these to my customers -
    Now they can register with the site at their own will, leaving me with getting with other jobs and not worry about manually upgrading the accounts.

    next question: Do i setup a single invite code for all membership at this level or a single invite code per customer - lets do some planning it now comes down to costs of printing business cards with/without unique codes on them.....

    and the possibility to upload bulk invite codes to the database?

    hmm... its intertesting to see plan come together even if we don't always get their via the path we intended.

    But on the idea of unique invite codes per user - We (or more so not me) have developed all sorts of plugin that integrates with the most popular payment gateways with the level of cloud computering most us are taking advantage of, Why don't we start looking at ways to plug in to accounting solutions.

    eg, I use xero a complete accounting solution in the cloud, I also only use WP I have oftern though how it would be so much easier to have a wp plugin that when a customer fills an account aplication form (or a e-commerce contact details form) this data is automatically updated in the accountcy application (Currently I have customers complete a simple form that emails me - Then I manully update their details for accountancy)

    and with some sort of API - even xero have produced these for bank account integration and with a bit of a WPDEV and xero handshake you could have a very powerful complete cloud solution - including a hole new set of plugins - like one that creates a invite code per customer using the customer account number presented in xero.

    opps did I do it again...... brain storm on line, my reason for not posting much...
    I do have a couple of other minor queries, but I'll start a new post for each

    thanks for direction as often I'm holding the map upside down.
    Steve, 'the rambler'

    ps. keeping up to date with plugins I'm not using - arg, might just install them and don't activate them WP tends to yell and scream at me to update which prompts a quick skim over the update txt.....