How should I export Spirit theme customisations from my development site to my live site?

I have a separate installation of WordPress which I use for development. We have put a lot of work into testing and customising Spirit on this development site, and we’re now happy we have everything the way we want it.

I have installed Upfront and Spirit on my live site, and used the WordPress export/import tools to import the content from my development site. With every other theme I have used, this has brought across all of the theme settings (unless of course we had changed any of the php files, which we have not done here).

The import has brought in the posts, but none of the pages created with the Upfront tools, or any of the global page settings. In fact, all I have now is a site that looks like the Spirit demo site!

Please advise what I am supposed to do. I would prefer not to recreate the site again from scratch on the fresh Spirit install!