How Status extracts data from websites.

Hello all,

Just was curious what Status looks for on a linked page to pull in the "Facebook" like presentation. I've recently been encountering lots of sites which will link properly in Facebook but not Status, and I wasn't sure how that is handled as I am very new to Status.

Are there updates ever to the plugin that add additional compatibility? Do people report links which work on FB but not on Status? Very much love and use this plugin every day since I installed it, so just trying to get a sense of if/how it evolves!

Just on the off chance people have suggestions or workarounds, two places I regularly want to link from are below if it grants any insights to the smart people here.

Thanks again for the great welcome into the community!


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hey there @colin_poole

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    The Status plugin will look for the title, an excerpt from the content and a thumbnail it can use.

    For some sites, that can be fetched automatically as for this site:

    For others, you may need to add the URL to the image you want to use in the link, as well as any text, like this one for example couldn't fetch the stuff automatically:

    So the link I created on my sample page looked like this:
    The toys and merchandise listed here by will be available in comic book specialty shops and other specialty toy shops on the date listed below. Please check with your local retailer for availability and final pricing.
    <img src="">

    The result can be seen here:

  • colin_poole
    • Flash Drive

    Oh wow thanks Patrick!

    I never knew I could paste more than a single line into the dashboard area, I thought it was simply for one URL link only and whatever it could pull from that link was what you had to work with. Your fix for the ToyChestNews site worked great.

    I'm getting an endless spinning wheel when I tried to post the link to the Realm-Of-Fantasy page that seems to display properly on your site, not sure why.

    So am I to assume that the sites Status cannot pull automatically are written incorrectly or incompletely? I'm just curious as to the difference of how Facebook pulls the link vs. how Status pulls the link since they all seem to work on Facebook but not on Status.

  • colin_poole
    • Flash Drive

    Update: It seems to hang up on many sites which Facebook has no issue linking to. Another I was just trying was:

    And I just get the eternal spinning circle as I wait for post information to be pulled into Status.

    I'm trying to use the Status plugin so that while I am working my "9-5" job I can still make quick and attractive posts from my mobile devices rather than having to wait to return home where I can copy/paste different elements into the form field, so that is why I am trying to understand which sites Status is incompatible with and why.

  • colin_poole
    • Flash Drive

    Ah shoot there is no front end access and I'm not 100% certain on how to enable Status to be visible to other than the admin. I'm happy to know the addon functions as expected, but have you got a recommendation on how to investigate why mine would time out? I'm very new to all things Wordpress/Web Host related, so I'm unsure if a setting through my host at Dotster would need to be changed or if it may be an issue with a setting elsewhere.

  • colin_poole
    • Flash Drive

    Yes, it was a memory issue! I was still at the default WP 32MB, and I gotta say, it fixed SOOOO many problems increasing to 256 (I only use 51 but I saw no reason not to go much higher for when cron jobs run etc) I'm sorta curious why it's not the first thing people ever bring up during troubleshooting for ANY plugin. I think people forget Wordpress attracts novice users for whom "allocated memory" isn't even on the radar...we just expect it to "work" lol. But I've learned a ton doing all the troubleshooting, and no worries on the delay I hope family conditions have improved!

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    Patrick iss taking a little time away. He will be back soon. :slight_smile:

    To answer your question, it depends on what's being described and how it's being described so we know what's happening. If it's a white screen for example when loading a page then it can often be a memory issue. I'd probably jump there and suggest that. Or I'd ask for some debugging to be done by enabling WP_DEBUG.

    Checking the error_log is always the best way to know for sure if there are any errors or further memory required.

    The thing is though, it could be anything, conflicts, settings not done (even when they are claimed to be), other fatal errors, old PHP version, bug, etc, etc.

    Take care.

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