How to access network functionality for a theme

I'm configuring Business Portfolio theme as a front-end for a MU blog network. For my application, a social networking platform like BuddyPress seems too much because it's not geared toward a social network: is the front end - so far. My goal is a network limited use sites that act a lot like RSS readers.
I observe the theme source code has modules to register and list blogs in a network and support for MU facility.
I'd sure like to access this functionality. Would you please guide me to docs that show:
1) How can I call the register utilities to create new users?
2) Similarly to browse and search MU blogs?
3) Is there an example/docs showing how to use a child theme to replace the "front page image" with a video?
Mark Squibb

  • DavidM
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    Hi Mark,

    1) How can I call the register utilities to create new users?

    I'm not sure I understand you correctly. Are you looking for the functions needed to manually create new users? If so, the following page from the codex should help with that:

    2) Similarly to browse and search MU blogs?

    Browsing blogs is easy using BuddyPress, as there's a Blog directory that comes with it by default. If you won't be using BuddyPress though, you could use the Blog Directory plugin.

    3) Is there an example/docs showing how to use a child theme to replace the "front page image" with a video?

    There's not something specific on that but the following page from the online manuals here goes through the process of creating a child theme:

    Just to mention though, the Business Portfolio theme comes with a child theme in the /themes/ folder in the zip file. You could use that as a great starting point.

    As for replacing theme elements such as images, with videos, there's nothing as specific as you've requested, but if you're referring to the slider area, the image there is encompassed in the feat-main div tag. You could search the theme for 'feat-main' to find the references to it to change.

    Doing so, you'll see it's located in the following file:

    You could very well hard-code changes in there, but with this particular case, to get it working via a child theme it would likely require the assistance of a developer, as it's in a sub-folder.


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    Hi David. Thanks for the speedy response. It seems like this is really override-code question.

    My question was framed outside BuddyPress - because BuddyPress carries a lot of framework for Social Networking, which seems beyond my application requirements. Wordpress MU is almost good enough.

    1) As for using wp_create_user, it makes sense, but I sure would appreciate you pointing to the tree or two that I need to bark up.

    I think I found part of my answers here...
    1) Settings-> Network Settings, Enable User Registration and Sites
    2) Access: and network/site-new.php

    As such this becomes a function/code override question.
    *How would you override the code in wp-signup.php or network/site-new.php in a way that won't break when I upgrade wordpress?
    * wp-signup.php uses functions - how would you override these?
    * network/site-new.php doesn't appear to be functions - how would you override this code segments?
    Did I miss something?
    I think this would let me splice in what I need with limited mess potential.

    3) The manual page for child themes asserts that you "can" use a child theme, but the explanation of you actually do it is "over my head". inspires two questions.
    * What function am I looking to override to enable me to replace the "code" that assembles the html where the image is presented?
    * How would you override "code" that isn't in a function, like that in the many php files which are called to assemble page segments in a child theme?

    Thanks in advance,

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