How to Activate Support System

The simple act of activating a plugin is typically something I'm pretty comfortable with. But for some reason I can't figure out how to activate Support System. I have the dashboard plugin installed and network activated. It seems to show up on on the network admin dashboard. I then installed Support System but can't seem to figure out how to activate it on one of my subsites.

It doesn't show up in the plugins list on my subsite, so I can't activate it that way. If I network activate it, it activates without error. But the settings for the plugin still don't show up anywhere. I don't want it network activated anyway. We only need it on a single subsite.

There's also a thread here that implies Support System cannot be made to work on a single WP install. Is this accurate? I have it running on a single install and it seems to be ok. I can't seem to activate it in a multisite environment. Any insight is much appreciated.