How to add a blog post page to blogmu theme navigation bar

Hi guys!
I have installed blogmu theme to my blog and it is great. But I have two question here:
1. In the main portal blog, how to add a blog post page to the navigation bar. The idea is that I want to have a navigation tab linked to my post in the main blog as normally a single site WP theme display in the front page.
2. I have several personal and business blogs under this domain and I want to keep the theme similar. But I just want it to be a normal blog and display the posts in the front page. (No fancy front page as the main blog front page)

Thank you!

  • Philip John
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    Hey lijiahua1984!

    Welcome to WPMU DEV - it's great to see you here! :slight_smile:

    Okay, let's try to answer each of your questions...

    1) Let me clarify what you're after... Do you a) want to link to a specific blog post from the navigation bar or b) show the latest posts from your blog on the home page?

    2) Okay this sounds like you want to show the latest posts from your blog on the home page....

    I believe the best way to do this would be to create a child theme. Take a look at this article for a how-to:

    You will want to copy home.php to your child theme and add the WordPress loop in order to display the recent posts.

    Obviously this will require some development work so if you're not comfortable with that then let us know!


  • lijiahua1984
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    Thank you for your reply, Phil.
    Let me clarify my first question: I want a page to display the lastest posts in a page. I tried to add a custom menu link using, but it only displayed a blank content page with header and sidebar on. I dont know what to do.
    For the second one, I am quite a beginner and has no knowledge about programming. It sounds complicated, so I decides to use other similar themes instead.

  • Richie_KS
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    you can add news page by going to write page -> add title like "news" -> and go to right panel and choose template "Blog and News"...the navigation should have the "news" now.

    just rename home.php to homex.php and they should use the index.php (normal blog)..


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