How to add a booking form for courses on my site

Help me solve to retain my seat.
I want to add a button that leads to a booking form (either in modal or loading) that will enable potential student book for a management training course without making it looks like the course is been bought. The parameters of the booking form are name, company name, email, phone number, address course name booked for, additional note to enable the site owner see the interested candidate and follow up through phone calls or email.

I'm using University theme and the join the event button was configured to use wooecommerce i.e courses are register/booked into shopping cart. Shot:

I hope there will be solution for this. What I want is a booking/register button that leads to a form in a modal view or to another page that target audience can use to book for courses. Shot:

Sample of solution site using this; and shot:

Hope to see WP conquers this and hear favorable response


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