How to add a button to the Admin-Menubar to enable/disable a specific plugin?

Hello and good day to you :slight_smile:
Whenever I’m editing my site, e.g. for creating new pop-ups or other visual content, it’s always restricted due to directives being setup for security headers, for which I use the plugin “HTTP Headers“.
The most easy, quick and dirty solution is to simply disable the plugin whenever I need to use the editor. This goes for sites or popups build with Elementor as well as for sites using Thrive Architect or Leads.
So, actually, I only need to add a Button or Switcher, to which I can add the URLs used for deactivating/activating the plugin, so it’s easy to switch from wherever whatever I’m working on.
To think this further it would be even better, if the plugin would disable automatically e.g. when admin is logged-in and has been active (doing things within the last 10 minutes > via cron) to keep the plugin disabled anbd activate it again automatically after 10 minutes inactivity.
I know, both ways require programming, but maybe someone of you already knows an already existing solution for this?
Thank you for reading this post,