Studio Theme: How to add a link to the Buddypress forums in Studio theme?

I have the Studio theme installed. This theme allows me to use one menu ("Your theme supports 1 menu").

I can see that I can link to individual forums by selecting a check box, but I can't link to the forum root.

For now I'm using the custom link option, but it seems to me that this is an oversight.


(Screenshot attached.)

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @Sucesso

    Greetings from the WPMU DEV Support Team and thank you for being a member.

    Appreciate the feedback. I will verify if this is something that can easily be fixed. First of all, I will try to replicate your error just to confirm that it is a problem on more than one setup. If confirmed, I will flag the Developer to provide feedback on this matter.

    Kindly provide me with some more information about your setup. Plugins and versions of WordPress/ BuddyPress. Thank you.

    Please allow me some time to check this and get back to you.

    Thank you for your patience.