How to add a marketpress product to a page/post please?

Hi All-

My site is I run my site mostly from the membership plugin, but just recently added marketpress for “ocassional” product offerings. Meanwhile, I have always listed and sold my eBook on this site. I was using a simple paypal shopping cart plugin for that until marketpress caused conflict with that. Since adding marketpress, I haven’t sold any books because the sales page cart for my book was conflicting apparently with marketpress cart. After adding the book to the cart on the book sales page, it would say “your cart is empty”…..hmmm

so, I have done away with the simple paypal shopping cart plugin and am relying solely on marketpress to be able to push the book sales through….unfortunately, it is not.

I have created a “product” in my marketpress store called “The wish Source Book”. I know that in order to get this product on my book sale page, I need to use a shortcode, correct? But what? I am doing something wrong because it is showing up on my book page as $0.00, while in my store, the price is correctly reflecting $59.95. Please help ASAP! I have been without book sales because of it.

Book Sales Page:

Book in Marketpress Store:

The book sales page is the most important page on my site! It is the number 1 conversion page. Right now, it’s bringing in zilch. Please help me configure the shortcode properly so I can sell the book from the sales page. Many thanks!