How to add a repository of all wiki items?

Is there any way to insert a code into a page that would get a list of all the wiki itemps in alphabetical order (just like a dictionnary)?

Is there also a way that once the number of titles is more that X number it create a second page and so on?

Could there be a dropdown menu to chose between display by name or by wiki tags?

  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    By default, there isn’t a way to generate such a list. Let me call in the developer to see if he could provide some insight on how to generate such a list. It will likely require some custom development though.

    I don’t quite follow your last question. Are you looking for a way to switch between a list of article names and a list of the tags?

  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    That would probably be best accomplished by simple links to two different pages. One that outputs the article list, the other that outputs the tag names. This would not only accomplish what you’re looking for, but allow you to link directly to the appropriate page from other pages if the need arises, and be better for your site’s SEO.

  • Pierre-Luc Clermont
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    What could be nice is to have use of shortcodes.

    Like a plgin i use (custom contact form)

    If I want a specific form i just have to call it via shortcode on the page like

    [customcontact form=1]

    On setting for wiki it could be a page with shortcode list like

    [wikitags ID=0] (where 0 = all tag and other numbers=specific tag id)

    [wikicats ID=0] (where 0=all categories and number= specific categorie id)

    [wikitems ID=0] (where 0=all wiki items and numbers= specific item id)

  • stefanhz
    • Flash Drive

    IT’s disappointing to see cases being closed (this is the second I come across within a few minutes) because the originating member is no longer active. The topic would still be interesting for me … isn’t that the point of putting questions here rather in email?

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings stefanhz,

    Thank you for your feedback which is certainly appreciated.

    In many cases the member fixes it and never replies again – as with the current 1920+ tickets that are at this moment waiting member response or as in the case of this one no longer active like the 1920+ just clogging up the entire system keeping those active members from receiving service as the support staff continues to dig through them.

    And you are serious that we shoudl keep responding to a ticket where there is no active receiver of the input? That we can interact with to come up with a solution?

    Since this ticket was created so many things have happened, i.e. WordPress versions, BuddyPress updates etc.

    We need to be working with the current versions to give applicable accurate answers and talking to oneself can have the white coats knocking at your door :wink:

    Thanks again for your input and why did you not submit your own ticket and explaining your own issues and what versions you are using etc. etc.

    The point of the forums is is how to use the current features of our products, bug fixing, and addressing member issues if possible. Ref: WPMU DEV Lead Developer

    Please feel free to create your own ticket outlining the issue you are having and feel free to copy and paste any relevant information into that ticket and we will be certain to take a address the ticket.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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