How to add a secondary email address for a user

Ultimately what I'm trying to accomplish is to have push notifications or text messages sent to members of a BuddyPress site on various actions. For example, when a new post is published, when group activities are shared (using the group email plugin). I was wondering if there is some way that WordPress/BuddyPress users can have 2 email addresses. The solution in this case would be to add a secondary email/phone address (i.e. Thoughts?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Ah, well those email plugins would feed from the primary email field only.

    What I thought you were looking for was first a way to collect the data you require. And then from there you would look at building something that then makes that data useful like for an SMS service or something.

    I don't recall anything that would do this without some custom work from you or a hired developer.

    Our of interest in what scenario would you want people receiving two emails?

    I'm probably being narrow minded here, but I'd hate to get two emails or emails from the same company at two addresses. And if it's a phone/SMS thing then I believe there are some plugins for that.

    Take care.

  • Brian Durost

    Thanks Tim. The purpose is to have one regular email and another be the email address associated with the phone number to trigger a text message. I'm aware of most of the SMS plugins, but they usually only send for things like new posts. I'm looking to have text messages send on all instances where the user would normally just receive an email. It's for an internal company social network so in this instance it makes sense. Any thoughts?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Ah yeah, I get ya. :slight_smile:

    Well, nothing I know that available by default. Unless another member knows of something then I think you're going to need something custom here.

    I'd personally take a look at those SMS plugins first and see if you can extend them to achieve what you need. They may provide some nice API, or something through WP actions/hooks.

    - New post is published
    - When group activities are shared

    You maybe able to then use a hook if the plugin provides so that when one of those (or anything else you need) is performed then it fires of an SMS.

    Did you look to see what those plugins provide with regards to hooks?

    Take care.

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