how to add a site with its own domain name to my network?

ok I have my network setup. and finally i have time to play with the new world ive created. sunrise is properly placed and configured. now how do i add a new site that has its own domain? I cannot seem to find things. I have added the wildcard but my question is do i use the dedicated ip for my server or the address for the wildcard? ive noticed that domain mapping doesnt show up in my tools section.

  • Ash

    Hello @WebMin

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    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    Is Domain Mapping network activated?

    Let me simplify the procedure.

    For example, your main site is
    You have two subsites:
    These two subsites you want to map with following domains repectively:

    So, if anyone enter in the browser, it should show the site of Same for

    So, there are two scenarios now. Either you own all the domains, or you don't. First I think you own all the domains. site is hosted in a hosting whose nameservers are:

    So, you have entered these nameservers for domain panel. You have to set same nameservers for and domains too.

    Then you will add and domains as add on domain in the same hosting of, and make sure you point them to the wordpress root folder. So that if any one enter or it shows site.

    After that, you will add the domains in corresponding subsites using domain panel plugin, and the mapped domain will start working.

    Now, if you don't own the domains, then you will need a dedicated IP. I know you won't have access to the domain panel of your customers so that you can't set name servers in there. So, you will pass them you IP and they need to set a DNS record for their domain and point to that IP. Only then domain panel will work.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have.


  • FotoGrrl69

    no you have confused me even more.

    1. yes the domain mapping is activated
    2. i own the domains or admin them via godaddy
    3. all nameservers are set
    4. i have a dedicated ip address from hostgator
    5. they are add on domains to my main account with hostgator
    6. a wildcard domain has been setup for the new domain i want to add to the network.
    6. added the domain name i.e in the multidomain setup have it set as private.
    7. added the domain record as instructed using the dedicated ssl ip address i have
    8. they are not subsites as you suggested in they are just stand alone domains

    and thats as far as i have been able to get.

  • Ash

    Hello @WebMin

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Please note that, domain mapping and multi domain are used in two different purposes.

    Seeing your last reply, I think you want Multi Domains. (I have changed the thread tag anyway).

    Domain mapping is used to map a domain to a subsite in your network, where Multi Domains is used to have more than one domain for a network.

    Your setup is almost correct, just change one thing. You have added as add on domain, please remove the add on domain and add as parked domain. When you will add as a parked domain, please make sure you point the domain to the root install of network site.

    After recent update of cPanel, add on domain can't be pointed to the public_html folder, but you can do so using parked domain.

    Please let us know.


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