How to add additional sites to your WordPress Multisite installation?

Hola, amigos!

I am really excited about using WPMS. I'm super-green when it comes to WP. So, please refer me to the correct post, if my question has already been addressed.

I have an addon domain (via hostgator & it's NOT my top-level domain), for which I've activated WPMU.

I want to add a different domain, but WPMU won't allow me. I go to: My Sites >> Network Admin >> Sites >> Add New
It only allows me to add a subdomain to the existing addon domain that has WPMU activated.

What do I do? I'll be happy to supply you will more info, as directed.


  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hello Martha and David,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Multisites work either as a sub-domain or a sub-folder. You have to pick this at the time of creating the network since changing them is a pain.

    Most people want it to be sub-domains, but do you want it to look like instead of ? Is that what you are asking?

    If you are looking at creating other sites like into the network, you have to go for domain mapping. Domain mapping is not supported inherently and you have to use a domain mapping plugin, like the one we have:

    Please advice.

  • Martha
    • New Recruit

    If I add a second domain to the established WPMS one; for example,

    Will the public be directed to:, when I give them that addy? Or will they see

    Will I need to do masking for when I forward it to

    I'm trying to figure out what's the simplest thing do perform?

    BTW, I just looked at domain mapping link you supplied. Is that the best course of action for me to take?

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