How to add custom post types from other plugins?

I have events manager plugin installed which uses custom post types for its events. I want to extend the events by adding some custom fields to them (like Twitter hashtag). The problem is that when I go into CustomPress, I do not see events in there. I see page, post, attachment, etc and all other custom post types I created within CustomPress. How do I get custom post types that were not created by CustomPress but form another plugin? Custom post types reside in the core WordPress, so shouldn’t all custom post types show up whether they were created in CustomPress or not?

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    Hello again :slight_smile:

    Yes, CustomPress should allow you to add a custom field to any post type enabled on your site.

    I quickly ran through adding a custom field to the Events plugin on a test site. I navigated through Dashboard>CustomPress>Content Types>Custom Fields> Add New

    And I found the Post Type incsub_events. Next I went to Events>Add New and my custom field appeared.

    I'm attaching a screenshot. Hope this helps to clarify :slight_smile:

    If not please reopen this thread and I'll be back to help you out!

    Thanks for being a WPMU member!


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    to followup up on the OP…. the question is how to add custom variables that were developed *without using CustomPress …..

    this may be as simple as editing your scripts to add this to the Screen Options

    <label for=”postcustom-hide”><input class=”hide-postbox-tog” name=”postcustom-hide” type=”checkbox” id=”postcustom-hide” value=”postcustom” checked=”checked” />Custom Fields</label>

    the question then becomes…. where (what script/function) to add ^this.

    Thanks in advance for your prompt response…..

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