How to Add events+ Pagination to Custom Archive Pages

I'm creating custom archive pages for my events, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding the code that creates the pagination for Events+

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @albert,

    How are you creating the custom pages?

    You can actually use the shortcodes on a page and with the shortcode, you can select a custom template using the shortcode itself.

    Tag: [eab_archive]
    network - (boolean) Query type
    date - (date) Starting date - default to now
    relative_date - (strtotime-compatible string) A date relative to now or to date argument
    lookahead - (boolean) Don't use default monthly page - use weeks count instead
    weeks - (integer) Look ahead this many weeks
    category - (string or integer) Show events from this category (ID or slug)
    categories - (list of comma-separated IDs) Show events from these categories - accepts comma-separated list of IDs
    limit - (integer) Show at most this many events
    order - (ordering keyword) Sort events in this direction
    paged - (boolean) Allow paging - use with "limit" argument
    page - (integer) Start on this page
    class - (string) Apply this CSS class
    template - (string) Subtemplate file, or template class call
    override_styles - (boolean) Toggle default styles usage
    override_scripts - (boolean) Toggle default scripts usage


    [eab_archive limit="10" lookahead="1" weeks="52" paged="1" page="1" template="custom-archive.php"]

    Hope this helps

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