How to add fields and then make them conversational

I have a number of fields that I would like to add to my posts. For example:
Film title: Boat Builders
Image title: Animation Drawing of Mickey Mouse high on the mast
Year: 1938
Width of Image: 7.00 inches
Height of Image: 8.00 inches
Width of Art: 12.00 inches
Height of Art: 10.00 inches
Price: $800.00

I would like to be able then to render those fields conversationally. For example:
The image, "Animation Drawing of Mickey Mouse high on the mast" is from the film "Boat Builders" in 1938. The image is 7.00 inches wide and 8.00 inches tall on a canvas that is 12.00 inches wide by 10.00 inches tall. The Price for this image is $800.00.

Is something like this possible without jumping through a bunch of hoops or learning a new platform like Pods?