How to add HTML iFrame to Fixer Code element?


I am testing Upfront and the Fixer Theme and would like to add an “iFrame” created with Apple iTunes Link Maker. Have dragged the "Code Element" to the layout and chasing text works fine, however when pasting the HTML iFrame code and sav - nothing happens. Is there some settings I missed?

The html code I am pasting below:

<iframe src=" out our Free iPhone App Key Figures with Apple Watch Support&t=iPhone Apps&m=software&e=software,iPadSoftware&w=250&h=300&ids=978678014&wt=playlist&partnerId=&affiliate_id=&at=&ct=" frameborder=0 style="overflow-x:hidden;overflow-y:hidden;width:250px;height: 300px;border:0px"></iframe>


Anders Nyby