How to add new categories with list video

Hi, I need to add more than 1 categorie with a list of videos into the plugin. The fact is we use our own videos and in spanish language, so, we can’t use the integrated videos.

Into the plugin we saw a document with a snippet to add our videos

These is the code snippet:


add_filter(‘wpmudev_vids_list’, function( $video_list ) {

$video_list[ ‘myvid’ ] = ‘My Favorite Vid’;

return $video_list;


add_filter(‘wpmudev_vids_categories’, function( $video_cats ) {

//add to other category

$video_cats[ ‘other’ ][ ‘list’ ][] = ‘myvid’;

//create my own category

$video_cats = array(

‘name’ => ‘My Category’,

‘list’ => array( ‘myvid’ )


return $video_cats;


add_filter(‘wpmudev_vids_embed_html’, function( $video_html, $slug ) {

if ( ‘myvid’ == $slug ) {

$video_html = ‘<iframe width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>’;


return $video_html;

}, 10, 2);


Adding this via a plugin, create a new categorie and one video inside.

We need to add more videos into the new categorie and also add new categories with a list of videos.

How can we do this using the above code snippet?

Thanks in advance