How to add pictures to text. Side by side.

Hi. I am working on the customer testimony part of the website.. I have already created the text for the testimony, i would like to add pictures of the customers beside their text. I can't get the formating right. What is the right way to do this? (Using Panino theme)

  • Rupok

    Hi James Chew, hope you had a wonderful day.

    It can be done easily by adding picture element and dragging them to your desired location. And it may need some custom CSS which should not be complex. I could try doing this for you if I could make some tests on your site. Would you mind allowing Support Access so we can have a closer look at this?

    To enable support access you can follow this guide here:

    I'm looking forward to hear from you and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Ash

    Hello James Chew

    You need to use code element. Please follow the screencast:

    You need to code like this:

    <img src="/path/to/image" style="float: right; margin: 0 10px 10px 0;">
    <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer congue pulvinar blandit. Curabitur porttitor, tellus nec venenatis eleifend, ligula dolor tempor felis, quis pharetra diam ex sit amet ex. Morbi eget pharetra turpis, at ultricies odio. Aenean pretium sem id nunc aliquet dapibus. Pellentesque purus enim, pharetra sed volutpat sed, faucibus a sem. Integer consequat tellus eu maximus pulvinar. Donec laoreet, dolor et maximus rhoncus, libero nibh semper dolor, ac egestas neque orci accumsan tellus. Cras luctus lobortis nisi, sagittis placerat arcu pharetra eu. Pellentesque vehicula magna turpis, nec luctus leo molestie sit amet. Proin sodales sed mi vel aliquet. Curabitur tortor tortor, vehicula non iaculis non, mattis ac nisl. Vestibulum commodo vitae ante ac varius. Duis aliquam sem enim, in pharetra arcu rhoncus ac. Ut varius dictum egestas.</p>
    <p>Mauris semper lorem mi, sed varius velit rhoncus vel. Quisque lacus dolor, suscipit id dui at, fringilla gravida justo. In facilisis a ex at convallis. Aenean eu volutpat elit, in dapibus justo. Maecenas sed bibendum leo, id commodo sapien. Sed vitae dapibus purus. Praesent vel tempus dolor.</p>
    <p>Integer malesuada scelerisque nibh et luctus. Phasellus interdum auctor augue, posuere aliquam neque commodo eget. Pellentesque convallis erat dui, id consequat ligula condimentum eu. Cras eget diam nec est vehicula condimentum. Vivamus diam mi, dictum placerat vehicula a, convallis tempor nisl. Aenean neque mi, accumsan quis mi sit amet, pulvinar molestie justo. Vestibulum placerat vulputate magna, sit amet pretium risus cursus a.</p>

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have any.


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