How to Add Pink Bar Under Green Navigation Bar

On my website, I have two navigation bars (one at the top that spans the entire width of the screen and one under the logo that is not as wide). I would like to add a pink bar (HTML color #F884AA) under both navigation bars that will be the same height and same width as the green navigation bar above it. The pink bars will only contain the adsense link units that are currently in that location. How do I add these two pink bars behind the adsense link units so that the top pink bar is the width of the screen and the bottom pink bar is the width of the lower green navigation bar?

If it is helpful, I have granted access through the WPMU dashboard.

Thanks for your help!!!

  • Ash

    Hello @d-invent

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    I can see the adsense code is not wrapped by any html tag, if you had that, would be better. How did you add ad in there?

    If you can put the add like this:

    <div class="my_add">
    // Adsense code here

    Then you can use css like:

    background: #F884AA;

    But for now, you can try this:

    ins.adsbygoogle {
    background: #F884AA;
    display: block !important;
    width: 100% !important;
    height: auto !important;
    clear: both;

    You can add this to a theme's stylesheet, in a child theme, or using a plugin like My Custom CSS.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have.


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