how to add post to menu - navbar

apart from adding product, I need to add post to top menu but unfortunately I cannot figure out how please.

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there and welcome to the WPMUdev Support Forums!

    Thanks for the question. To add stuff to menus, you can go to


    You'll notice that you see the Categories and the Pages for your site. You don't see Posts because posts are supposed to be the latest info for your site. Categories and Pages are more stable entities. The way I think of it is that Categories and Pages are the bones which provide the structure of a site and Posts are the flesh that provides the interesting content. Since Menus are a way of displaying information consistently, associating it with Categories and Pages makes sense.

    So if you have a Post that you want accessible you have 3 questions to ask yourself:

    1. Should this Post be a Page
    2. Can I label the Post with a Category that when selected on my menu, users would go to a category page and this post would be included in the list of all posts in that category, sorted by date
    3. If I really, really, really want to get this Post into a menu without doing either of the above, why not create a Custom link for the menu. Just put the URL of the post into the Custom link section of the Menus admin section, label it and click add.

    Make sense? Let us know how it goes and if you have other questions!


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