how to add sites on WPMU - not working

I setup the Network plugin and it installs fine and creates the Sites option in the WP menu on the left and shows the sites I created, but when i click on the site urls I just get the "Sorry this site is not available" banner on that page and it shows in tab as
I changed wildcard urls at Godaddy four days ago, so it should be operational.

Q. is this broken or did I miss something?
Q. how would new customers signup for a site, and get to the page where they can choose a site name, username and pw, etc.?

I received this email for the new user of the new site...
Dear User,

Your new Topical Sites site has been successfully set up at:

You can log in to the administrator account with the following information:
Username: pierre1
Password: N/A
Log in here:

We hope you enjoy your new site. Thanks!
appreciate help on this.